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My dad showed me how to use Unfair Advantage, and within 3 days I was making $50 a day”

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Hey there, 

Vick Carty & Tom E here

This may seem like a no-brainer question, but I’m going to ask you anyway:

Would you like to exploit a legal loophole on a 280 billion dollar website, and turn it into profits? Because that’s exactly what I’m going to show you how to do in the next 2 minutes. But first:

I Want You To Forget EVERYTHING 

Instead, picture this:

1.    I get you free traffic (ALL the traffic you need) 

2. Someone clicks on your affiliate link...they do NOT buy the product...BUT…for the following 24 hours, you get paid commissions for EVERYTHING ELSE THEY BUY!

3. Hundreds of of people start clicking on that affiliate link DAILY...on autopilot

That’s Exactly What This Unique, Brand New, 

I’m going to get you free traffic to affiliate offers. But you’re NOT to try to sell them anything, we’re simply making them click your links, so you get a commission on everything they buy  in the following 24 hours.

And I mean everything; from groceries to books, to computers, to regular affiliate products, to anything you can think of; YOU my friend, will get a commission on all of it. 

This has never been done before by anyone else but us, and I’m about to let you in on it.

This Loophole Works So Well That I’m Going To Give You A Promise Right Now:

If you’re willing to follow our instructions, it will be IMPOSSIBLE for you NOT to succeed with it.

Not ‘virtually’ impossible; it will actually be impossible for you NOT to succeed with Unfair Advantage, thanks to the way we’re exploiting this loophole.

My Partner Vick And I Wanted To Prove Indisputably That Literally Anyone Can Pull This Off...

Vick and I have both been in this business for many years, promoted thousands of products, but neither of us have ever used a method that is literally IMPOSSIBLE to fail with. Until now.

You just witnessed a 12 year old make $50 a day with it, within 3 days. It doesn’t matter who does this method; whether you’re 12 or 90 years old, whether you are a green faced newbie or not; it’s literally impossible to fail with Unfair Advantage.

Unlike With Regular Affiliate Marketing,

I know I have many friends who have lost theirs. And that’s another thing that’s great about this method; it can give you the kind of security that a regular job just can’t.

As a matter of fact, for as good as this method works, it works even BETTER when the economy is bad.  

And that’s what I want for you; SECURITY, financial security. We live in a world that you can’t count on to be there for you. Wouldn’t it be nice to have an income that you can ALWAYS count on, no matter what?

If you are able to do that I promise you that it will be worth it; you WILL succeed. That’s why we are sharing this wonderful method with you, instead of keeping it to ourselves.

It’s 17 bucks, and let’s be honest, you’re gonna spend that on something silly in the next few days anyway, so you may as well jump in with us, and start enjoying the rewards of something that will make a difference in your life.



It SUCKS missing out on things. Like missing out on Google right before they exploded onto the scene. Or missing out on Bitcoin (as most of us did)...

A lot of success has to do with being in the right place at the right time.

That’s where the GOOD NEWS for you comes in: 

You have managed to do exactly that; you’ve stumbled over a method that NO ONE (apart from us) know about…and we are RACKING IN AUTOMATIC MONEY FROM IT DAILY.


People Just Like Yourself Are


I Know That Some You May Still Be 

We’re Giving You The EXACT SAME 

Tools To Succeed That We Use To


I get it; with so many hyped-up, low quality products out there, I would be too. 

All I can tell you is this: If you knew what we know -  about the impossibility of NOT succeeding with this method, you would get on board this very second. 

That being said, you DO have to take action of course. No one succeeds with any method unless they take action.

However, if you are willing to simply follow in our footsteps, step by step, inside our member’s area, you have the chance to change your life, starting RIGHT NOW. I hope you take it

But Just To Make It An Absolute NO-BRAINER 

For You, We Are Also Giving You

$3,285 IN BONUSES:

Grab Unfair Advantage At A


There is NOTHING out there like Unfair Advantage.

We have spent countless hours perfecting it, so that you can simply copy us, and enjoy the results...

A few months ago we sold this to our coaching students for $1,100.

UGH! I know, that’s not cheap. However, we didn’t get ONE refund...because again, Unfair Advantage works EVERY. SINGLE. TIME. PERIOD.


Our unique method CAN get saturated...if enough people start doing it

That would ruin it for everyone, including our students who paid $1,100 for it. We do NOT want that to happen...

Which is why we are closing the doors to Unfair Advantage soon, to prevent saturation. In other words, if you want in; if you want to start profiting, you need to move fast.

Because we could close the doors to this at any point.

This is NOT ‘fake scarcity’ by the way. We are serious about our students and users of this method; we want everyone to stay profitable, so the second we see too many people inside, we close the door, and this opportunity is gone forever.

Why wait in the first place though?

Every day you spend waiting is another day you could be leaving money on the table; money that SOMEONE ELSE can now get instead of you. 

Also remember that the price for Unfair Advantage rises with every sale.

There you have it - the ball is in your court now. If you want to be part of this, simply click the button below, and we will see you on the inside!

Try out Unfair Advantage RISK FREE For A Full 30 Days With Our ZERO RISK, No-Questions-Asked 100% Money Back Guarantee

We would never want you to just take our word for it that you will succeed with Unfair Advantage. That's why we’re giving you a full 30 Day money-back guarantee, so the risk is 100% on us; you have nothing to lose and absolutely everything to gain.

Just use Unfair Advantage daily, and if you don’t achieve INCREDIBLE results, just email us and we will cheerfully give you a full refund, no questions asked.

Heck, even if you don’t get around to using Unfair Advantage and you just change your mind, we will honor our 30 Day money-back guarantee.

Still Have Questions? 


Q: Does Unfair Advantage really work?

A: YES! if you still have doubts it’s probably because you’re so disheartened by all the USELESS software you’ve purchased in the past that got you NOTHING. This is again why we want you to try it for a full 30 days, so you have all the time in the world to experience the life-changing results it will get you.

Q: How quickly will I start earning? 

A: Totally up to you!! Vick’s 12-year old daughter Yana hit $50 per day within 3 as you can see, this is a VERY quick method. 

Q: If Unfair Advantage REALLY is impossible to fail with why don’t you just keep it for yourselves?

A: Because it’s currently not saturated, the market is wide open. That being said, we WILL shut down access to new users once we see any signs of saturation.

Q: Is there a guarantee?

A: Yes there is an unconditional, risk free 30 day money back guarantee. Simply email us at the support email provided inside our member’s area, requesting a refund within 30 days of your purchase, and we will cheerfully issue you a full refund, no questions asked.

Q: What if I need help with Unfair Advantage?

A: We have your back! Inside the members area there is a support link, with our team standing by to help you.

We’ll See You On The Inside!

NO ONE ELSE Is Doing This - 100% 

Unique Method

ALL Traffic is 100% Free, GUARANTEED

Super-Friendly for Beginners!

Setup Done In 20 Minutes - Then It’s 

On Autopilot

Works in ANY and ALL niches

Scalable Like MAD



Yes, I want Unfair Advantage! 

Regular Price: $197


(Yana, 12)

Let’s hand our method over to Vick’s 12 year old daughter Yana, explain the steps to her, and see if she can make at least 50 bucks a day...the same week she starts

As you saw in the video above, it took her THREE DAYS to get to $50 per day. And she is 12 years old…


There’s A Reason Why We Call This Method UNFAIR ADVANTAGE

But in case you missed it, here’s the clip again, 

with Yana sharing her results, live on Skype:

we don’t care if people don’t buy from us...because within the next 24 hours, we’re going to make money on them anyway.

I Also Realize That A Lot Of You Are Struggling Extra Hard Right Now; 

Some Of You Have Lost Your Jobs.


All you have to do to succeed is buy it, 

set it up, and follow our instructions. 

This Is Exactly What

Set Up Your Unfair Advantage System

Unleash The FREE, built-in Traffic

Relax And Enjoy Your Winnings

NO NEED TO EVER GET  ‘APPROVED’ for any offers

Thanks to our unique hack, traffic is ALWAYS free and bountiful

We can’t wait to see the smile on your face when you start seeing success with it....every single day!

You’re In The Right Place


It’s the only system you’ll need to succeed online. Fully the moon.

No more struggling to pay your bills. See something you like? You just buy it.

Isn’t that the life you would like to have?

Right now, you have that chance...

The Quickest Results You’ve Ever Gotten

NO ONE ELSE Is Doing This - 100% 

Unique Method

ALL Traffic is 100% Free, GUARANTEED

Super-Friendly for Beginners!

Setup Done In 20 Minutes - Then It’s 

On Autopilot

Works in ANY and ALL niches

Scalable Like MAD

This is why we have a 30 day money back guarantee, so that you can prove it to yourself that this works. And if for any reason you’re unhappy with it, we’ll give you a refund within 30 days of course.

A system that gets everyone affiliate commissions even when no one is buying from their affiliate links? Sign me up! I’ve known Tom for over 5 years but I’ve never seen him come up with anything like this before. Love the creativity of this method and how this loophole is taken advantage of to pay out small, multiple commissions daily.

Art Flair

Wow, this is something that I nor the marketplace has ever seen before. Their case study shows one of their 12 year old daughters making money with it. Well I have a 12 year old too, so I had her test it out and I was amazed she learned how to do everything herself in less than a day. Now I cant get her off the computer, lol.

Frankie Pellegrino

"Unfair Advantage really does do what it promises: Tom E and Vick have stumbled upon a method that is so easy a 12yr old can do it (literally) and then made it even easier by developing rock-solid custom software that reduces the manual effort further. There really is no excuse for you not to be making 3-4 figure commissions daily with Unfair Advantage - so far only big marketers have been exploiting this method, now it's your turn!

I’ve been in this business for over 13 years and I can tell you that this is a VERY clever method. You get everything you need, nothing is hidden, and you will learn how to get very fast commissions from this loophole method. You also get really great software, which will help you do a lot of the job for you. And let’s not forget their training, which is SIMPLE, step by step, and very easy to follow. Tom and Vick’s unusual, powerful system definitely gets my two thumbs up.

Allesandro Zamboni

Jonny Rose


Yes, I want Unfair Advantage! 

Regular Price: $197


Yes, I want Unfair Advantage! 

Regular Price: $197


Yes, I want Unfair Advantage! 

Regular Price: $197


This being said, not everyone can afford to dish out $1,100.

So we decided to make this unique opportunity accessible for most people

You’re not going to pay even anywhere

close to $1,100… Not even $100… Not even $50…

Simply click the button below the next paragraph and you’ll get it for less than the price of a large pizza.   

Yes, I want Unfair Advantage! 

Regular Price: $197


Who Is Unfair Advantage For?

This method is for you if you’ve had it - you’ve tried method after method, and you JUST WANT TO SEE RESULTS. And results you WILL get with Unfair Advantage; like I’ve said it’s impossible NOT to get them.

This is also for you if you’re just looking for a little extra income...or if you want to scale!

Skeptical - And You Should Be 

Complete A-Z Unfair 

Advantage Training:

Simply copy your way to success, using the 

step by step video training that walks you through 

everything, no matter your experience level

Automated ‘Cheat Software’:

With our plug and play software, it’s literally

 like cheating, as you’ll be able to set up your 

Unfair Advantage Campaigns to succeed 

every single time, driving floods of traffic to 

your Unfair Advantage Links.

Ethical, World Class Support:

Got a question? Need any help? NO PROBLEM;

We pride ourselves on world class and prompt

customer support, to make sure you succeed.

Vick Carty

Tom E

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Secure Checkout - 30 Day Money Back Guarantee

Get Instant Access Now

Secure Checkout - 30 Day Money Back Guarantee

Get Instant Access Now

Secure Checkout - 30 Day Money Back Guarantee

Get Instant Access Now

Secure Checkout - 30 Day Money Back Guarantee

  • Complete A-Z Unfair Advantage Training - Worth $497
  • Automated 'Cheat Software' - Worth $497
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